A 12-Step Program in Beacon NY May Backfire for her.The 12-step program is a model for recovery that has been widely embraced and very successful in the treatment of alcoholism. For those residents living in Beacon NY, a local 12-step program is a convenient option. Those who want the greatest chance at lasting sobriety and minimal relapse, however, may do better to skip the local 12-step program in Beacon NY and instead seek out rehab facilities with a comprehensive approach.

A 12-Step Program in Beacon NY May Not Offer Medical Supervision or Support

Despite the success and popularity of 12-step meetings for ongoing and continued support for individuals struggling with addiction, these programs are rarely intensive. They might be led by a counselor or therapist, or they might simply be organized by those who are struggling with addiction and want peer group support.

Either way, these casual meetings won’t offer medical support. Often, patients dealing with an alcohol addiction require medical attention in order to be healthy and receptive to treatment. In addition, these programs rarely offer mental health support. A comprehensive rehab facility, on the other hand, can offer both a 12-step program and dual diagnosis treatment.

Staying Local for Alcohol Treatment Can Backfire

Attending a local 12-step program in Beacon NY can appeal to those busy individuals who don’t want to leave home or travel far for recovery. Leaving home, however, can actually be a serious advantage when recovering from alcoholism.

To start, leaving home gives patients a new environment where it may be easier to establish new, healthy routines for everyday life. In addition, new destinations remove some of the most familiar temptations, making it easier to resist cravings and stay sober. Leaving Beacon NY might also create some anonymity for patients who resist rehab because they are worried that neighbors and friends may hear about their alcoholism.

12-Step Programs Don’t Necessarily Impart Life Skills

An integral part of recovery is gaining life skills to help with the transition to independent living. While exclusively 12-step programs may not help in this regard, rehab centers can. Examples of valuable life skills might include:

  • Learning to shop for and cook nutritious meals
  • Understanding financial budgeting
  • Relearning basic social cues
  • Finding a spark and passion in life

Progressive Rehab Gives Patients Customized Support Every Step of the Way

More than nine percent of Americans have attended a 12-step meeting in their lives, but these meetings aren’t always the best approach. Progressive rehab grows with the patients, offering customized support that can include partial hospitalization programs and outpatient care to help every step of the way.

A 12-step program in Beacon NY may not be the best way to stop drinking. As an alternative, consider the successful rehab programs at Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA. Call us at 267.719.8528 and explore the rehab options that can help you or a loved one combat alcoholism for good.