12-step addiction recovery program uses sponsors for supportIf you or someone you love need treatment for addiction, you have likely reviewed more than one treatment center assuring they offer a 12-step addiction recovery program. But you may not be quite sure what this means. What is a 12-step addiction recovery program and what does it mean for your own recovery?

What is a 12-step addiction recovery program?

A 12-step addiction recovery program is based on an established set of guiding principles. These principles provide a clear roadmap for addiction recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) first introduced the 12 steps in 1939, as the foundation of AA programs. These steps have since been used to develop other forms of rehab, or as a complementary aspect of treatment.

Most addiction recovery programs embrace some form of the 12 steps. These types of programs are particularly helpful, in that they provide a smooth point of transition for patients from rehab into their local community 12-step programs. Since patients leaving rehab are already familiar with 12-step program tenets, they integrate well into local groups and can easily gain recovery support close to home.

The American Psychological Association identifies the 12-Steps as achieving the following:

  • Admitting that you can’t control your addiction or compulsion
  • Recognizing that you can gain strength from a higher power
  • Examining your past mistakes with the help of a sponsor
  • Making amends for the mistakes you have made
  • Learning to live a new and better life under an improved code of behavior
  • Helping others who also suffer from addictions or compulsions

The 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program Is Integrated into Rehab

Most rehab programs that include 12-step addiction recovery principles integrate these methods and steps in a multitude of ways. Group therapy is often where 12-step program introduction begins. The 12-steps are discussed fully and patients gain education and peer support through group sessions. In individual counseling, the individual patient’s progress in the 12 steps is explored and patients are guided through the steps to recovery by a licensed therapist.

Patients may also attend community-based 12-step meetings. These meetings may be held at the rehab center or in a local venue separate from the center. Patient integration into community-based meetings allows patients to gain perspective and support for their recovery from others in the same situation. These meetings also allow patients to see how easy it is to join a 12-step group, due to the groups’ welcoming nature and readiness to provide support.

Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania Uses the 12-Steps

Steps To Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania is a Joint Commission-accredited rehab that integrates the 12-steps into patient recovery. If you or someone you love are ready to overcome addiction, Steps To Recovery can provide the pathway to enduring sobriety supported by the 12 steps. Call Steps to Recovery now at 267.719.8528 to learn more about effective programs for overcoming your addiction.