Alcoholism is one of the hardest addictions to kick. So how do you give up alcohol? What can you do to abstain from alcohol and make the process of getting and staying sober as easy as possible? Here are 10 ideas to help you give up alcohol.

1. Don’t spend time with people who are drinkers or who may trigger you in some way to drink. This could mean people who bring up painful emotions, people you don’t get along with easily or just people you have a history of drinking with. Avoiding these people will help you give up alcohol by lessening your possible triggers.

2. Don’t visit places where you might be tempted to consume alcohol. Don’t go to the bars or clubs where you used to drink, and it is in your best interest to avoid these places altogether, whether you drank there or not in the past. Just the presence of alcohol and ease of access can make having a cocktail very hard to resist.

3. Get rid of your alcohol. All of it, even cooking sherry or wine. There is no reason to tempt yourself. If you live with someone who drinks, ask them to put away their alcohol as well, somewhere you won’t have to see it. Not having alcohol around will create a more supportive environment in which to give up alcohol.

4. Tell everyone you are trying to give up alcohol.. Seek the support and encouragement from your family friends, and others who have been in your shoes and can help you achieve your goal.

5. Find help for the mental and emotional issues related to your alcoholism. Get professional help, identify what’s under the symptom of alcohol addiction and start healing those old and deep wounds. This is vital for you to give up alcohol.

6. Get a new hobby. Find interesting things that inspire you. If you can keep your time occupied with positive and healthy activities, there is less time to drink. Plus this can be very rewarding! Doing things you love that are healthy have many benefits to your mental, spiritual and emotional health.

7. Make sure your goals for recovery are realistic. Be gentle with yourself and take things one step at a time.

8. Celebrate your successes! Give yourself credit for your hard work by finding healthy ways to celebrate reaching milestones in your progress.

9. Visualize your sobriety. What will it look like when you give up alcohol? What opportunity will arise, what will you do with yourself once you are healthier and happier? The possibilities are limitless!

10. Go to treatment. Get support from professionals and others just like yourself who understand and have been where you are and want to help. Find a 12 Step program or other support groups that work for you. Hang around other people who are ready to give up alcohol.

These are just 10 suggestions to help you get started on your journey to give up alcohol. Will you choose to try any or all of these to help you reach your goals?