A man considers hydrocodone addiction treatmentHydrocodone is a prescription narcotic primarily for pain relief. Since it’s highly addictive, many users develop a dependence. Because addiction causes serious health problems and the risk of overdose, treatment is a necessity. Find out what hydrocodone addiction treatment consists of and how to begin your road to recovery.

Pre-Admission Screening and Evaluation

Before rehab begins, it’s important to know as much as possible about each incoming patient. With a pre-admission screening, medical professionals uncover key details about each prospective client. This might start with medical concerns, but also focuses on mental health and addiction history.

For example, some patients might have already attempted to get clean in the past. Knowing this makes it easier to create effective hydrocodone addiction treatment for these individuals. The more information available, the more personal the recovery plan will be. This evaluation also gives patients and their loved ones the opportunity to ask questions and familiarize themselves with the recovery process.

Creating a Custom Plan for Treatment

There are different factors that lead to hydrocodone addiction. For example, some individuals struggle with chronic pain, while others deal with a mental illness. The unique nature of addiction means patients deserve custom treatment.

At Steps to Recovery, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Hydrocodone addiction treatment is customizable, letting every individual take the right path for their unique recovery journey.

Such a treatment plan begins with evidence-based treatment, however, there’s plenty of room for flexibility. For example, almost all patients benefit from the 12-step philosophy. Although, some patients need help choosing a career and finding a job. A variety of therapies and treatment options means no two patients should expect the same treatment approach.

Finding the Right Programs for Recovery

Incoming patients also have the opportunity to choose the programs that best meet their lifestyle needs. For example, many patients begin in Phase 1, which includes partial hospitalization care as well as intensive outpatient treatment. During Phase 2, they move to ongoing outpatient support.

During Phase 1, patients benefit from a more intensive rehab program. Consistency offers accountability, making it easier to stay on track. During Phase 2, patients practice life skills for successfully integrating back into society.

Creating a Support Network for Lasting Success

No matter how effective inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment will be, it’s important to focus on independent living. Eventually, patients enter society again on their own. Therefore, it’s vital they prepare themselves for living successful, sober lives without the threat of relapse.

In rehab, patients can learn how to create a network of support for lifelong sobriety. Often, this means heavy family involvement. It may also include group therapy or ongoing counseling, medication, or 12-step meetings as necessary.

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery, our approach to treatment is comprehensive. A whole-person strategy is crucial to giving every patient the tools for maintaining sobriety. We take your physical health, mental health, career, and family into account during treatment. The many treatment methods and strategies we provide include:

Intensive outpatient program
Partial hospitalization program
Sober living
• Life skills training

Hydrocodone addiction treatment is the best way to permanently end your drug dependence. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you’ll have the opportunity to overcome addiction and start living your life again. Are you ready to transform yourself for the better? Call 866-488-8684 today.