man suffering from symptoms of drug withdrawalThe symptoms of drug withdrawal are not only one of the leading causes of relapse, but they can also be very dangerous. One of the worst mistakes a person can make is trying to go through detox on their own through a cold turkey method. Some people do this as a way to prove to themselves they can overcome it, but you shouldn’t. When you’re ready to get clean and sober, a detox facility can help you.

Why do Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal Happen?

Your brain, as well as the rest of your body, is continuously working on maintaining some balance to help you function. It does this by adjusting the natural chemicals your body makes and balancing them with new substances. When you’re using drugs in excess, the mind and body adapt until it needs drugs to function. Once the drugs begin metabolizing in your body, the brain and nervous system go into a state of shock. Your neurotransmitters in your brain begin misfiring, which can cause a wide range of symptoms.

Mental and Physical Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Various substances give you both harsh mental as well as physical symptoms of withdrawal. Substances like prescription opiates and opioids, benzodiazepines as well as heroin have both of these symptoms. This means that the symptoms can be excruciating when you’re coming off of the drugs, and you have mental issues. The most common symptoms of drug withdrawal for these drugs include the following:

  • Aches
  • Pains
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea

If you’re someone going through cocaine or meth withdrawal, you won’t have the harsh physical symptoms. With these types of stimulants, the withdrawal symptoms are primarily going to be psychological. When coming down from cocaine or meth, you’ll experience anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia and more. No matter what type of substance you were using in your addiction, a detox facility can help.

Detox Helps Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Whether you have an opiate, benzodiazepine, cocaine or methamphetamine addiction, medical detox can help. The first step when you come to a detox facility is giving you a physical and psychological evaluation. This helps the medical staff have a better idea of what symptoms you have as well as which ones might arise. From here, the staff can give you a safe, comfortable detox plan to help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal.

It’s crucial during the detox process to have medical staff with you at all times because there are dangerous symptoms. Some people coming off of drugs can experience seizures or even heart failure during withdrawal. The staff will be there for you to help ensure that you’re safe throughout the process. They may also provide you with medications to help make withdrawal more comfortable.

For example, those coming off of drugs like heroin or prescription opiates may receive Subutex. This medication helps by tricking the brain into thinking that you’re still taking drugs. This makes many of the physical symptoms of withdrawal reduce tremendously.

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