Woman with hands to face, eyes closed, dealing with alcohol withdrawal.Alcohol withdrawal is one of the most severe forms drug withdrawal and also one of the most dangerous. Many people don’t realize when they develop a drinking problem, but the symptoms of withdrawal are the first sign. Showing the symptoms of withdrawal means the body has become dependent and can’t function without alcohol. People often just mistake this for a hangover, but it can be a dangerous first sign of alcohol withdrawal.

First, a person needs to realize what separates a normal drinker from someone who has alcoholism. It’s often difficult to tell the difference because so many people around the world drink alcohol. Alcohol isn’t illegal when you’re of legal drinking age, but alcoholism is one of the leading cause of preventable death. It’s important to understand how alcohol withdrawal develops and what you can do about it to overcome addiction.

Alcohol Withdrawal is a Sign of Alcoholism

There are different types of drinkers, and not everyone who drinks heavily falls into the classification of alcoholic. There are some people who can drink and get drunk every single day, but they may not be alcoholic. There are also people who can hold a job, take care of their family and pay their bills, but they do have alcoholism. Regardless of what a person has or doesn’t have, or how much money they make, alcoholism can take control of a person’s life.

The two primary symptoms of alcoholism are a mental obsession and a physical craving for alcohol. This means that a person is virtually incapable of controlling his or her drinking once they take the first drink. They may begin to see the negative consequences of drinking such as issues with loved ones or at work, but they can’t stop. The person may also have such a strong dependency that he or she struggles with alcohol withdrawal daily.

How Alcohol Withdrawal Keeps a Person Sick

Some people don’t even realize that they are suffering from alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal when it happens. A person may be at work and start to feel a variety of different symptoms without understanding them. Many people experience the withdrawal symptoms and then just decide to drink some more to make them go away. Others try to overcome the withdrawal symptoms alone in order to stop, but they’re too much to deal with.

The common symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Delirium tremens
  • Body tremors.

Alcohol Withdrawal is Dangerous without Help

Alcohol is the most dangerous substance to withdrawal from because alcoholism affects a couple of major organs. The heart is weak and under a lot of stress during the process of withdrawal, and this can lead to heart failure. A person may experience an erratic heartbeat and heightened blood pressure, which they might not even notice. The issues with the brain like potential seizures and hallucinations can also lead to fatal consequences.

This is the primary reason why you should always seek the help of a professional detox center to help. It may be difficult for you to humble yourself to ask for help to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. This is actually one of the most empowering things that you can do for yourself to begin a new life. With the help of a detox facility, you will have the medical attention you need to begin to kick this addiction for good.

A detox facility is going to put you through an evaluation to see how severe your dependence to alcohol is. From here, you will receive different medications that help to keep the heart healthy, lessen anxiety and other symptoms. There are also medications to trick the brain by making it think that you’re still drinking. If you choose to, you can use holistic methods to overcome the symptoms as well, but you’ll have medical supervision.

Steps to Recovery, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Levittown, PA, will do an assessment of your drug issues and history and if necessary, suggest a partner detox and then will teach you how to live a new life without alcohol. Today is a great day to get sober. Call 866-488-8684.