Steps to Recovery Alumni

At Steps to Recovery, we believe in the power of community and connection. We have seen that people’s engagement is directly related to their success, and that engagement is largely effected by their connection to the community. At StR we create community in a way that is genuine, compassionate, authentic and lasting. People in our program often create strong bonds and are motivated to stay connected.

Our Alumni Program is geared towards creating and maintaining safe forums for clients and staff to strengthen their relationships beyond just treatment.

Our Alumni Program offers activities, communication, and StR updates so that our members can stay connected. Quarterly Events, the Alumni Board, social media support, alumni speakers, and our monthly newsletters are just a few of the ways we can help support each other.

The Alumni Board

We encourage and help facilitate a group meeting of StR graduates. The group meets once a month and is committed to creating, planning and implementing activities and events for past clients and their families.

Quarterly Events

Quarterly events will be planned by the Alumni Board and help to keep people connected, offer community involvement to clients, and provide fun in recovery!

Saturday Solutions

Alumni members with ninety or more days clean and sober are able to volunteer on Saturdays and speak to current clients. This is a great opportunity to give back, show gratitude, and stay connected.

Social Media

Our Social Media pages offer support, information and connection for our members. StR has active and regularly updated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

On Facebook, we have a separate page that can only be accessed by special invitation. This is a private group (for alumni only) and the invite must come from our Alumni Coordinator, Kelsey McCarthy (email: [email protected]). We have also created a blog at the bottom of this page so that our past clients can share their story.

Please help us support each other and stay connected with our Alumni Program.

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