What comes to mind when you hear the term rehab facility? It’s frequently a stereotypical impression that reminds of a clinic. Did you know that our facility is far more like a health and wellness center than a clinic? Here’s what goes on behind closed doors.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Works Because of Family Involvement

young woman after time in a health and wellness center in PAOne of the greatest fears that incoming program participants have is to disconnect from their loved ones. Steps to Recovery is the type of health and wellness center in PA that does the opposite. Our therapists encourage your friends and loved ones to come in. They recognize that those closest to you have a tremendous influence on your overall wellbeing.

They can support you, cheer you on, and provide the positive peer pressure you need to push yourself. For some, rehab at the health and wellness center in PA is all about re-connecting with loved ones. You might’ve isolated yourself while you were abusing drugs. Now, you don’t really know how to get back on talking terms.

Family therapy at our health and wellness center can assist. Therapy-guided sessions help to re-establish communication. In cases of codependency and other dysfunctions, experts help with establishing healthier patterns. Some program participants realize that this is the first time in years that everyone’s been honest – without emotional outbursts.

How Treatment Works at a Health and Wellness Center with a Focus on Recovery

We don’t use flowery words. Our therapists refer to addiction as the adverse condition that it is. Doing so gives you the freedom to be real in your treatment sessions. Examples of these meetings include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy with clinicians who assist you with the psychological aspect of recovery
  • Group therapy sessions at our health and wellness center in PA that promote peer encouragement and positive interactions
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes pattern recognition and changes when necessary
  • 12 Step meeting participation for accountability development and relapse prevention
  • Life skills training with therapists and peers

By opening up about your struggles and underlying attitudes, you give yourself a voice. You verbalize disappointments, fears, powerful emotions, and frustrations. Most importantly, you realize that you can do so without having to numb yourself.

Another facet of care at the health and wellness center in PA is dual diagnosis care. Many program participants present with co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Few have a formal diagnosis from a doctor. As a result, they’ve been trying to deal with problems such as anxiety, depression, or personality disorders without help.

In rehab at our addiction recovery center, therapists work to find out if these conditions are present in your life. If you have one or more of them, you undergo targeted treatment. Sometimes, doing so involves pharmacological support. Frequently, it also includes talk therapy.

By treating the underlying condition, Steps to Recovery therapists succeed in cutting off one cause for drug abuse. They’re taking away the reason for self-medicating behaviors. In this way, our health and wellness center supports your overall healing process.

Holistic Care Plays a Pivotal Role in Recovery

Treatment at our health and wellness center in PA would be incomplete without holistic care. The goal is to provide you with tools for handling stressors and triggers. A popular modality at the health and wellness center is meditation therapy. It teaches you how to relax with breathing exercises and visualizations.

Reaching out for help is easy to do. Staff members at the health and wellness center gladly answer your questions. In fact, call 866-488-8684 now to learn more about Steps to Recovery!