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Steps to Recovery

offers quality Addiction Treatment that is both

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Our mission,
philosophy and professional performance is based on three core principles:


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    Residential Rehab

    Residential rehab, also called inpatient treatment, is a type of drug and alcohol program that is designed for people with serious substance abuse issues.

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    Partial Hospitalization Program

    A Partial Hospitalization Program, commonly called a PHP, is a program in which the addict or alcoholic still lives at home but commutes to a treatment center up to seven days per week.

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    Outpatient Rehab

    Outpatient treatment programs are an alternative to residential treatment for those who aren’t able to leave work or family for an extended period of time.

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    Detox in a facility is supervised by medical professionals and aims to not only keep a person medically stable, but decrease their discomfort as much as possible.

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    A properly assessed and well-orchestrated drug, alcohol, or behavioral intervention has been a proven and effective way to begin the healing process.

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    Sober Living

    Sober living homes are structured and supportive living environments for addicts and alcoholics in recovery providing additional support adjusting to sober life.

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